P41 Special feed additive for broilers

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P41 Special feed additive for broilers

【Guarantee value of product composition analysis】

Bacillus subtilis (CFU/g) ≥1.8×1010, Pediococcus  pentosaceus (CFU/g) ≥2.0×109

【Raw material composition】Bacillus subtilis, Pediococcus pentosaceus, Maifan stone powder.

【Product Features  and Efficacy 】

★Directly inhibit or kill pathogenic bacteria 

Microecological strains metabolize to produce antibacterial substances such as bacteriocins, which directly inhibit or kill pathogenic bacteria and reduce the cost of medication .

★The intestine occupies a place and consumes oxygen, inhibits the reproduction of harmful bacteria

Pediococcus can quickly colonize the intestinal tract, metabolize  and produce acid, lower the pH of the intestine, and inhibit the adhesion and growth of pathogenic bacteria; Bacillus is an aerobic probiotic, which can consume oxygen, form an anaerobic environment, and inhibit harmful bacteria reproduction. The two synergize to achieve antibacterial and antibacterial effects.

★Activate the animal body's immune system functions and improve immunity

Effectively activate the functions of the immune system of the animal body, enhance the phagocytic ability of phagocytes , stimulate the synthesis of secreted immunoglobulins, promote the body's immune response, and comprehensively enhance the animal's disease resistance.

★Improve feed conversion  rate and reduce feed cost

This product metabolizes  to produce a large number of digestive  enzymes and metabolites , which can promote [prəˈmoʊt] the digestion  and absorption  of nutrients   in feed by livestock and poultry , improve feed utilization , reduce feed-to-meat ratio , and shorten the feeding cycle.

★Improve production performance and meat quality 

Reduce the cholesterol  content  in the meat, increase the flavor  substances in the meat, improve the lean  meat rate, and improve the quality of livestock and poultry products.

★Optimize the ecological environment and reduce environmental pollution

This product can reduce the concentration of pollutant  gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide  in the animal house, reduce environmental pollution, improve the breeding environment, and effectively protect the health of the animal's respiratory  tract .

★An important guarantee for the production of healthy food and organic  food

This product is an efficient and non-polluting microbial feed additive , which is an important guarantee  for the development of ecological aquaculture and the production of healthy food.

【Product Usage and Dosage】

100g of this product mixes 1 ton of feed. It is recommended  to use this product throughout .

【Precautions 】

1. The product has better effect during the whole period of use, and long-term use has no toxic  side effects. 

2. During use, animal immunization   procedures , sanitation  and epidemic  prevention  work will continue as usual.