FN11 Special feed additives for dairy cows

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FN11 Special feed additives for dairy cows

1、【Ingredient of the product】

Bacillus subtilis (CFU/g) ≥1.8×108, Pediococcus pentosaceus (CFU/g) ≥1.2×108, yeast selenium, lactic acid spray powder, inactivated Mycotoxin Remover Powder, glucose oxidase, Maifan stone powder.

2、【Applicable animals】cows.

3、【Product features】

New generation anti infectious micro ecology products. 


1. Effectively reduce the occurrence of various types of diseases caused by Staphylococcus aureus and mycoplasma, reduce the number of body cells, effectively reduce the incidence of hidden breastitis, greatly reduce the occurrence of calf diarrhea, and improve milk quality.

2. Enhance the immune function, activate the body's phagocytosis, enhance its phagocytosis, stimulate the increase in the synthesis of secretion -based immunoglobulin, promote the body's immune response, and comprehensively improve dairy resistance.

3. Reduce the occurrence of digestive tract diseases and increase the intake amount of dairy cows.

4. Effectively promote the digestion and absorption of feed, and increase milk production.

5.Reduce the concentration of polluting gases such as ammonia gas and odor, reduce environmental pollution, and improve the breeding environment.

6. Improve the health of dairy limbs and hoofs and improve reproductive performance.

5、【Properties of products】This product is powdered and sometimes has fine grain.

6、【Usage】According to the calculation of 50g per cow per day, this product is added to the fine feed, and the cows are fed twice in the morning and evening. 


(1)This product can be used alone. Or it can be combined with a joint antibiotic.

(2)This product is more effective in the whole period, and the amount of use when it is sick increases.

(3)During the use, animal immune programs and sanitary protection work should be done as usual.

8、【Store】Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place, avoid mixing with toxic and harmful substances.

9、【Shelf life】The shelf life of the original packaged product is 12 months.

10、【Packaging Specifications】1kg/bag, 20 bags/carton.