Bacillus subtilis E-A108

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Bacillus subtilis E-A108

Guaranteed value of product composition analysisThe total number of viable probiotics bacteria 1.0X 1010cfu/g.

Material compositionBacillus subtilis E-A108 , carrier.

Product descriptionpowder form.

Product Features

E-A108 is a high-performance strain selected by "aerospace breeding technology". It has excellent characteristics such as high enzyme production activity, strong decomposition ability, strong algae-dissolving ability, low oxygen consumption, wide temperature , wide salinity and so on. It has obtained national invention patents, high purity, high spore rate and high reactivation rate.

Applicable animalsVarious varieties of Marine fresh water aquaculture.

Instructions for use

1 . Water quality improvement, regulation of black water, red water, turbidity water and other bad water color, degradation of ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrite and other harmful substances, the whole pool sprinkling 80-100g/(mu·m) , water quality deterioration 150-200g/ (mu·m).

2 . Bottom improvement, decomposition of residual bait feces , to prevent bottom corruption, fever, black, prevent soil hardening , 100g/( mu·m).

3 . Inhibit algae and control moss , inhibit the reproduction of bad algae and lichen , decompose dead grass and rotten moss , 200-500grams/(mu·m).

4 . Auxiliary fertilizer and water , mix well with fertilizer, sprinkle the whole pool, 30-50 grams /( mu·m).

5 . Bioinhibition , inhibition of harmful bacteria and red circle and other explosive proliferation, 2-5g/m.

6 . If there are fermentation conditions, the product can be used as a strain.

StoreStore in a cool, ventilated and dry place, avoid mixing with toxic and harmful substances.

Packaging Specifications1 kg/bag,  20bags/carton.