BL11 Special feed additive for aquatic animals

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BL11 Special feed additive for aquatic animals

Guaranteed value of product composition analysisThe total number of viable probiotics bacteria 2 X 108cfu/g.

Material compositionBacillus, Lactic acid bacteria, their metabolites and carriers with high enzyme activity.

Product descriptionpowder form.

Product Features

1 . The beneficial bacteria in this product contain not only nutritive strains , but also contains probiotic strains that inhibit pathogenic microorganisms.

2. The beneficial bacteria in this product have been coated.

3. Lactobacillus adopts vacuum freeze-drying process, and the product is resistant to storage.

4. This product is a safe and reliable green product.

Applicable animalsAquatic animals.


1 . Promote digestion , enhance immunity. Regulate the balance of intestinal flora of aquatic animals , improve the intestinal microecological environment , inhibit the growth and reproduction of all kinds of harmful bacteria ,promote the growth of all kinds of beneficial bacteria , improve the immune function of animals , effectively reduce the occurrence of various diseases.

2 . Enhance feeding and supplement nutrition . This product is " probiotics producing enzymes " , which can produce a large number of enzymes such as protease , amylase , cellulase , lipase , phytase , and a variety of unknown growth promoting factors , B vitamins and amino acids in aquatic animals . Can better promote digestion , enhance feeding , improve feed conversion.

3 . Promote growth , improve meat quality , promote the growth rate of aquatic animals , improve meat quality ,reduce cholesterol content , enhance body surface lubrication and gloss , improve stress ability.

4 . Purify water quality , reduce pollution , reduce the content of harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in excreta , reduce the pollution of water body , discharge of beneficial bacteria can effectively improve water quality and maintain water stability.

StoreStore in a cool, ventilated and dry place, avoid mixing with toxic and harmful substances.

Packaging Specifications1kg/bag,  20 bags/carton.