Leavening agent

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Leavening agent 

This product is suitable for the fermentation and decay of straw, breeding manure, organic material waste, etc., composed of high-yield enzyme activity bacillus, yeast and its cellulase, and protease, strains have a mutual synergistic intermittent fermentation effect, decomposition cellulose, protein has a strong ability, can quickly decompose organic matter, degrade crude fiber, lignin and other macromolecular substances, while having the effect of rapid heating, bacteriostatic and deodorizing, can quickly decompose and mineralize carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, etc. in organic materials to form simple organic matter , so as to further decompose into nutrients that can be absorbed by crops, and realize the secondary use of organic waste materials.

Dosage formpowder.


Effective viable bacterial count≥1.0×1010CFU/g

Product composition Bacillus, yeast and its metabolites (protease, cellulase, etc.) are composite.

Scope of application suitable for the treatment of straw, manure, crude fiber residue, household garbage and other organic waste materials.

Product efficacy

1. Good multi-bacterial compound effect. The use of modern advanced biotechnology enables the microbial flora to coexist harmoniously, promote each other, and achieve the effect of complementary advantages.

2. Less dosage. The use of microbial starter culture 1 kg can process 10~20 square meters of ordinary feces.

3. Short heating acceleration cycle. Microbial starter culture is added to the material in proportion and mixed well, which can shorten the material rotting cycle.

4. Wide range of uses. It is a high-quality starter culture necessary for the resource utilization of organic waste, suitable for large-scale organic fertilizer plants, farms, plantations, etc.

Instructions for use

1. Sterilization: 10-20 tons of dry material added to 1 kg of microbial starter culture. 2. Stacking: When the temperature rises above 50 °C, the first pile is turned. Generally, after turning the pile 3~4 times, the temperature of the pile basically no longer rises and begins to decline, which is regarded as the material has been rotted.

StorageStore in a cool, ventilated, dry place, avoid mixing with toxic and harmful substances.


1. This product must be fully mixed with the fermentation before use;

2. This product should be used up within a short period of time after opening the package.

3. It is forbidden to mix with antibiotics, bactericides, disinfectants, strong acids and alkalis.

Shelf life The shelf life of the original packaged product is 12 months