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Infection with Newcastledisease virus - Avian infectious bronchitis - Avian mycoplasmosis 

mucosal immune micro-ecology

        For diseases transmitted through respiratory tract and digestive tract, mucosal immunity builds the first line of defense to prevent and control pathogen infection, and blocks the invasion of pathogens in the mucosal layer.

        By producing mucosal antibody SlgA in the mucosal layer, it can reduce the problem of respiratory tract and digestive tract virus transmission that cannot be eliminated by traditional immunization.

        Mucosal immune reaction produces mucosal antibody SlgA within 24 hours, which makes up for the immune blank period caused by the long time of antibody production in traditional immunization.

       Drinking water, without immune stress, does not affect production performance.

       Screening immune-enhanced lactic acid bacteria is safe, efficient and does not pollute the breeding environment.


Composition of raw materials This product is composed of immuno-enhanced Lactobacillus plantarum, Pediococcus pentosaceus and its metabolites, glucose, etc. Total viable probiotics bacteria ≥ 6.0 × 1010CFU/g

Instructions for use Drinking water is applicable to all breeding stages of egg-laying poultry, breeding poultry and meat poultry. It is recommended to use it at the age of 7-8 days old, 25-26 days old, 55-56 days old and 110-111 days old. After laying eggs, it should be used once every 30-40 days, 5000-6000 poultry per bottle, and drink for two days.

Storage Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place, avoid mixing with toxic and harmful substances, avoid high temperature and high temperature environment, refrigerate at 2 °C-8 °C, and store under - 18 °C.

Shelf life The shelf life of the original packaging product is 1 year.


1. This product is freeze-dried powder of lactic acid bacteria, please strictly refrigerate it; If there is a small amount of caking, please shake it gently to disperse it without affecting the use of water.

2. This product is sealed and should be used up as soon as possible after opening.

3. Try to avoid using together with antibiotics, and use with antibiotics at an interval of more than 5 hours.

4. Flush the water line before use to prevent the product from adhering to the water line wall and prevent dirt from affecting the product effect.

5. Reduce the drinking water of chicken for 1-2 hours before use, so that the chicken can finish drinking this product within 2-3 hours.

Package specification 50g/bottle, 10 bottles/box.