Badao No.9 XinBiKang

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Badao No.9   XinBiKang

Composition and storage method of raw materials

This product is mainly composed of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus acidilactici and their metabolites, which need to be stored in cold storage.Total viable probiotics4.0X1010 CFU/g.

Product characteristics and efficacy

1. Highly effective protection against multiple serotypes of New castle disease virus  (Paramyxovirus) without fear of mutation:

This product selects highly active mucosal immune lactic acid bacteria, which can stimulate the body to increase slgA more than double after colonization in the intestine, so that it has a stronger ability to neutralize the pathogen and immune to eliminate the pathogen, and is suitable for a variety of New castle disease virus (Paramyxovirus) serotypes, without the problem of low protection rate caused by the mutation or difference of the virus strain.

2. Mucosal immunity+humoral immunity double protection:

The mucosal immune lactic acid bacteria in this product can not only improve the immune response ability of the poultry body, but also stimulate the intestinal mucosal immunity to cooperate with humoral immunity and cellular immunity, enhance the specific and non-specific immune function of the body, safe and efficient, and realize the full protection of the mucosal immunity and humoral immunity of poultry.

3. Quick effect, strong protection and long protection time:

This product can produce protective effect within 6 hours without immune blank period. Once immunized, the protection time is more than 45 days, and the protection is long and strong.

4. The method of using this product is simple and stress-free:

This product is soluble in water and can be directly used by poultry for oral drinking, avoiding the stress reaction caused by needle injection, and it reduces a lot of labor costs.

5. Immune micro-ecological safety and no stimulation:

This product is an immune micro-ecological preparation, and there is no risk of dispersing poison, and there is no drug residue.

Usage and precautions

Dissolve this product into water for poultry to drink. Each bottle of this product can be used by 2500-4000 poultry. It is recommended to use it continuously for 2 days (Or once at the age of 7 days old and once at the age of 20 days old), and let the poultry drink within 2 hours. Attention should be paid to avoiding the simultaneous use of antibiotics; If antibiotics are used, the interval between the use of this product and antibiotics should be more than 5 hours.