Badao No.4 GanYiJing

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Badao No.4    GanYiJing

Efficient immunity+complete termination of Escherichia coli

Composition of raw materials

This product is mainly composed of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus acidilactici and their metabolites. The total number of live probiotics 4.0X1010CFU/g.

Product characteristics and efficacy

1. Efficient protection against multiple serotypes of Escherichia coli:

The selected lactobacillus plantarum can rapidly colonize the intestinal mucosa of poultry, form a membrane barrier, and inhibit the colonization and breeding of E. coli.

2. Mucosal immunity, precise effect:

This product produces slga antibody in the first part of the mucosal layer, which can effectively neutralize bacterial pathogens, especially for conditional environmental diseases.

3. Quick effect, strong protection and long protection time:

This product can produce protective effect within 6 hours, without immune blank period, and can be immunized once for more than 45 days, with long protection and strong protection.

4. Easy to use, no stress:

This product is soluble in water and can be directly used by poultry for oral drinking, avoiding the stress reaction caused by needle injection and reducing a lot of labor costs.

5. Immune to micro-ecology, safe and non-irritating:

This product is an immune micro-ecological preparation, and there is no risk of dispersing poison, and there is no drug residue.

Instructions for Use

Dissolve this product into water for poultry to drink. Each bottle of this product can be used by 2500-4000 poultry. The poultry can drink it within 1-2 hours every day. When using this product for the first time, it is recommended to use it continuously for 2 days, and double if necessary.

Precautions and storage methods

Attention should be paid to avoiding the simultaneous use of antibiotics; If antibiotics are used, the interval between the use of this product and antibiotics is more than 5 hours,Refrigerated or frozen storage.